8 Traditional Sweets to make at home to celebrate your big fat lockdown wedding

Indian weddings are incomplete without sweets. The lip-smacking ladoos and barfis are considered auspicious and pure entities to serve gods and used as a prasad after offering prayers. Without sweets, no occasion and marriage is complete. So, why let go of this tradition?  Let’s put our skills to the test and try out some simple easy to make sweets at home.
1. MotiChoor ladoo One of the most popular and widely used sweets in India needs no introduction. Made with besan or boondi, this is a hit at every occasion. The heavenly tasting sweets can be easily made at home using this recipe. 2. Puran Poli A popular and traditional Maharashtrian sweet flatbread is served piping hot on every occasion. It’s super simple and easy to cook. Click here to get going. 3. Khaja This deep fried layered pastry, though a traditional coastal recipe, is served as prasad in several parts of India and is a symbolic food used in different parts of the country. It is also one of the ‘Chappan Bhoga’ and used widely in festive meals. Follow this recipe to know how to make it at home. 4. Sandesh This delicious bengali sweet has so many varieties, that will make you crave for these little chunks of heavenly bliss. No Bengali wedding is ever complete without them. Check out the recipe here. 5. Payasam Loaded with sweetness and aromatic agents, this dessert completes the wedding celebrations.It is cooked in several regional varieties. Check out a few of them here. 6. Laapsi Laapsi or broket wheat halwa is a popular recipe especially among Gujaratis and widely cooked to celebrate auspicious occasions especially marriage. Check out this super easy and special recipe here. 7. Sheera This scrumptious dish used all over India to mark auspicious festivals and served as prasaad is a must cook. Also known as sooji halwa, find the recipe here. 8. Gulab Jamun These soft syrup balls definitely top the marriage sweet’s list and hence, to conclude with the perfect sweet ending, we kept it for the last. Find the perfect recipe here.

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