What are weddings from home? Whom are they for?

Weddings From Home are when you and your partner decide on getting married online from the comfort of your homes. Any couple, no matter the ethnicity, religion or background can choose this as the way to get married.

How does wedding from home work?

We connect you and your partner through a videoconferencing app along with our team of Panditjis, Maulvis and Priests to carry out the rituals. The vows are taken online, while you, your family and your loved ones can come together and witness the ceremony.

How many people can participate in my wedding?

As many as 100-1000 people can be a part of your special day depending upon the capability of the video conferencing app. This number can also increase if the app permits.

Do I and my partner need to be at the same venue?

As all rituals are taken online, so you and your partner need not be at the same venue. You could be in different states of the country or practically in another part of the world, it wouldn’t really matter. Just that your partner should be willing to say the three magical words – ‘Yes I Do’

For a Muslim wedding and a Christian wedding vows can be taken online, but what about Hindu weddings where pheras are involved and two people are not together?

While Muslim couples can say ‘Qubool hai’ and Christian couples can say ‘I Do’ online and formalize their weddings, Hindu couples who are unable to take the formal pheras in front of the agni can take the Sankalp of their marriage online along with a pooja. It is completely up to the couple if they would like to do the pheras at a later date when they come together or simply register the marriage in court.

How special can a wedding from home be?

With fancy background wallpapers for decoration, bridal make-up tutorials, Mehandi tutorials and the dhol-taasha arrangements everything made available on online, Weddings from home can be just as special as a conventional wedding.You can visit our vendors tab who specialise in giving online service for virtual weddings. To add to the brighter side, it’s extremely time efficient and cost effective.

What About Legality?

Weddings from home are basically two people coming together and formalizing their bond of love. It is an announcement to your family, friends and world at large that from here on the two of you are one. However, all couples would be required to register their marriages in courts of their respective residential jurisdiction.

What about expenses? How much is a wedding from home going to cost me?

We are sharing a list of vendors who have experience in doing online weddings. You can reach out to them and discuss costs with them individually.


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