6 Quarantine wedding games to play with your guests

Big Fat Indian weddings are as glamorous and fun as a physical wedding. Adding games and engaging your guests makes it even more memorable and your D-Day is remembered for many years to come. However, doing an online wedding can be daunting especially when you have a family who is not really tech-savvy. One way to warm everyone up and help them participate seamlessly is to play some interactive games. So, to make your wedding truly special and unique, here are some ideas for your unforgettable wedding apart from the usual naach- gaaana.

1. Dare for bride and groom

Let the newlywed couple entertain the family and enjoy as their guests write a task/dare for the bride and groom on the chat window. It can be anything like singing a song, dancing on a given song or doing mimicry of a relative. Let the fun roll with this sneaky game.

2. Play the Shoe game

Quite popular in the West, this game is super fun for everyone, especially the bride and groom. It’s not only hilarious but also keeps your guests entertained. Click Here to check out how it’s played and list of questions you can ask.

3. Make that Chacha / Mausi dance on your tunes

The Indian relatives love to dance at their family’s wedding. So what, if there is no dhol physically. Let one person write the names of your guests on chits and pick it, and the ones whose name comes has to dance in front of their webcam.

4. Take up the Pass the Brush Challenge/Don’t rush Challenge

We all have seen the trending Pass the brush challenge/ Don’t rush challenge on Tiktok and  Instagram. Play it with your relatives and go digital. Let each of them make a small video of their house look and wedding look as they get ready and pass that brush to others. It can be compiled and everyone will surely cherish being more involved and having fun.

5. Play online Pictionary

Make it more fun and entertaining for your guest by playing online Pictionary with your guests just like in ‘house party’. Everyone will have a hilarious time while drooling over guessing the cute deformed shapes made.

6. Play the ‘Drink if’ game

We all have been inspired by Ye Jawani hai Diwani’s ‘Never have I Ever game.’ How about modifying it a bit and making a list of ‘Drink if’ ideas on chits. 

For example- Drink if you know the ‘Bride/ groom’s most embarrassing moment. Everyone sitting in their homes will grab their favourite mocktail/cocktail and drink a sip if they have done it. Interesting stories will come out of it.

Playing such games at your wedding will make your day even more memorable and special. 

Let us know in the comments if you have played any wedding game before online or if you have more suggestions.

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