Meghna & Charan Hosted an Intimate 50-people Wedding in Bangalore

Image Courtesy: The Third Eye Photography

“Even when the times are difficult, Meghna & Charan’s intimate wedding in Bangalore during the lockdown with less than 50 guests is an inspiration for couples.”

Due to the sudden unfolding of the Coronavirus pandemic in the world, many couples had to unwillingly press the pause button to their wedding celebrations. For weddings planned during the lockdown, postponing them was a heartbreaking but brave decision. However, as the pandemic extends the timeline and makes everything else all the more uncertain, there are couples who chose to tie the knot and take their sacred union forward even though the challenges of Corona hovered around.

Without letting the unforeseen circumstances bring them down, they have decided to make the most of the lockdown by getting hitched during a lockdown. Some chose online platforms like Zoom call to host their virtual wedding, while the rest opted for an intimate wedding ceremony abiding by the laws of the lockdown with only 50 guests in attendance. One such super couple who opted to host an intimate wedding in the city of Bangalore is Meghna and Charan.

Bringing in a whole lot of positivity wrapped in innovation and quirk, Meghna and Charan’s intimate wedding is a definite inspiration and a much needed silver lining for the to-be-wed couples during these difficult times.

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