Real Couples Show Us How to Host Weddings in the Times of Corona

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“The lockdown has not stopped the millennial couples from tying the knot. Here are some couples who have gone out of their way with unique weddings in the times of corona for inspiration.”

With the coronavirus pandemic that put the whole country on lockdown, a lot of events have come to a halt. While some couples have planned on postponing their wedding amidst the situation, many couples have resorted to innovative ways of getting married. Wedding planning has not come to a standstill and wedding planning online right from the comfort of your homes has become the current trend. While a big fat wedding celebration with the band baja baraat might not be in the books right now, you can still choose to take your vows in an intimate wedding ceremony or through a video call. (Surprised?) We found the concept surprising too until we spoke to some real couples who chose to tie the knot even during the lockdown.

Weddings have seen a whole new horizon during these difficult times and the enthusiasm to make it perfect even as we sail through unprecedented times is remarkable. The saying that “love always finds a way” has never been so apt before!

Here are some real couples who share their stories about weddings in the times of corona to uplift your spirit and inspire you to pull off a beautiful wedding even if it cannot be the one you had planned for.

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